Building User Guides

Building User Guides

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The Building User Guide provides the end users/occupants of the building with a simple, quick and easy guide to the everyday functions of the building in order to ensure a safe and healthy work environment while complimenting the efficient operation of the building to the full potential provided by the design.

It is intended that the Building Manual will focus on information that is relevant to the building and its operation; while the Building User Guide will focus on information relating to the management of people and how they interact with the building. For example, information on how to shut down the main gas supply in the event of a gas leak should be included in the Building Manual and information on the occupants fire evacuation procedures included in the Building User Guide.

With the gap that often exists between the design concept and the operators’ understanding of how the building works, the Building Manual and Building User Guide offer the opportunity to close this gap, and in doing so reduce excessive energy use and increased maintenance costs.

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