Manual Sections

Manual Sections

Section 1 – How to Use the Manual

Explanation of the content and layout of the manual and how to locate information.

Section 2 – System Descriptions

This section provides a detailed description of the installation including the types of equipment installed, location of each system and the area it serves.

Section 3 – Schedules

This section contains equipment schedules giving the type, model number and reference of all items within the system and a schedule of suppliers, listing names and addresses, telephone/fax numbers and contact points of all manufacturers and suppliers.

Section 4 – Operating Instructions

This section contains information on how to keep the systems operational in a safe and efficient condition in both normal and emergency circumstances.  The instructions should be used in addition to Manufacturers Literature (Section 9) and includes settings, operating details, interlock information and specific precautionary instructions necessary to overcome known hazards.

Section 5 – Maintenance Procedures

This section provides manufacturers’ recommendations and instructions for all corrective and routine maintenance procedures relating to each item of plant and equipment installed.  For preventative maintenance tasks, the instructions are in the form of a schedule.

Section 6 – Spare Parts

This section provides guide to the setting up of a spares facility and includes the recommended stock levels.

Section 7 – Disposal Instructions

This section contains comprehensive details of the methods to be employed for the safe disposal of all equipment, materials and consumable items, e.g. oils, greases etc.  Any known hazardous material, together with any mandatory requirements regarding safe disposal, are fully described and listed for easy reference.

Section 8 – Testing and Commissioning

This section contains all witnessed commissioning records and test sheets.  The commissioning statement and test certificates are also to be found within this section.

Section 9 – Manufacturers Literature

This section contains an alphabetical index of all manufacturers and equipment suppliers associated with the installations.

Section 10 – Record Drawings

This section contains all of the Record Drawings.